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The Power of Social Media in Crowd Sourcing

Facebook is a very strong platform for crowd sourcing used by brand marketers. The term “Crowd Sourcing” was first coined by Jeff Howe in a Wired magazine article centered around explaining cloud sourcing to the general public. This June 2006 article denoted crowd sourcing as “the ability of people to communicate & exchange ideas”. But this definition it itself isn’t sufficient and requires further clarification. Allow me to elaborate: the concept of Crowd outsourcing deals with throwing a problem or a task at a group of people who are not your employees but are capable enough to resolve the issue or at least give relevant inputs.

This is a good way of making 22 where people with similar interests come together to solve a problem; as part of crowd sourcing, discrete work is distributed to the individuals within the crowd according to their respective capabilities. Crowd sourcing has grown in importance and style over a period of four years and is now used as a tool for Brand marketing on social media sites like Facebook & Twitter. Earlier these online communities were categorized under “Web- based crowd sourcing”, which became popular very fast as people became more comfortable working online. Social media however has given crowd sourcing a totally new look; some might even say that it has changed the face of crowd sourcing for good.

Let me just give you a brief summary of this article. Do you remember a contest run by one of your preferred brand on their Facebook page wherein they give you an opportunity to win something if you give the correct answer to your question or tell them about your flavour of your choice? Ever wonder why they do this? They are in a way making you a part of their business by evaluating your choices through these online measuring tools and in turn this mechanism gives them the opportunity to prepare and cater to the needs of the consumer. In the last decade, Facebook (social media) & crowd sourcing together has resulted in better brand marketing & closer business-customer relations. The strongest point of social media sites is its openness, everybody is there and everybody is allowed to share their views, what more could brand managers want form social platforms? Companies used to spend thousands of dollars researching on what customers want, now with platforms like Facebook it has become incredibly easy and efficient.

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